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Are you fed up working on your desktop with so many windows in it. No need to worry, now you can split your windows into multiple desktops with Dexpot. Dexpot is a multi-desktop organizer and virtual desktop manager that creates multiple desktops. You can easily switch the desktop by just a mouse click.

Deskpot allows upto 20 virtual desktops that can effectively increase the efficiency of your work. It gives you more comfort without causing any chaos. For example you can surf the web on Desktop 1, listen music on Desktop 2, do blogging on Desktop 3 or switch to Desktop 4 for playing games. You can also configure different icons, wallpapers, and much more for each desktops.

How it Works
You need to install the deskpot and it will eventually split your desktop into multiple desktops.And switching the desktop can be done by a mouse click. It has the following features:

* You can select the number of desktops from 2 to 20.

*The desktop background can be customized for each monitor separately.

*The specific application can be assigned to particular desktop.

*Desired hotkeys can be assigned for desktop switching.

So try the new Deskpot and ease your working using virtual desktops. It is very much beneficial for users having tablets, netbooks or small screen device.  Give your reviews.
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