Android Hub, the music box from Google

A few days ago I talked about Augmented Reality glasses being developed by Google , we bring you today is also interested in creating an entertainment system for listening to music wirelessly.
The news uncovers the Wall Street Journal, and ensures that the device will be released under the Google brand . It is not known the name of the device, but some sources suggest that will be calledAndroid Hub , and will be in the market later this year.
No further details on the apparatus, we can only guess that Android will be some version of the OS, andGoogle Music (or similar services appear based on the cloud) the department responsible for bringing music to the mysterious black box, one source suggests that speakers have .
Others are speculating that it would be a set top box , without speakers, that would have WiFi connectivity, hardware based on ARM , and a price not exceeding $ 100. Perhaps governed by an operating system of Google TV evolution , would forget the name of one more tug and Android Hub.In this case you will be talking about more than just a device to play music wirelessly.
Finally, it is also spoken tablets and Android smartphones would be the controls of the device, and to share content with it.
We have no waiting for more complete information or leaks, and if you consider it appropriate to share with us what you would like. Surely in the upcoming Google I / O , 27 to June 29, we learn more.
Last year was the Google I / O a demonstration of Tungsten Project, which could be related to the mysterious device discussed in the news (46:45 minutes):


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