Samsung promises more autonomy phones in 2012

The Achilles heel of mobile devices is undoubtedly the autonomy of the same, the battery does not improve the pace as the rest performance specifications of the equipment, especially when it comes to mobile phones.
At least we can say that with the arrival of more cores to the processor and larger displays have not been severely reduced in duration, but hardly beyond the day without having to resort to the charger.
Samsung has something to say about it, as the main contender for the throne of Nokia, and leader in the sales of Smartphones. The Korean company has a priority goal for 2012: improve the autonomy of their Smartphones .
During the recently concluded CES 2012 , the vice president of innovation from Samsung, Kevin Packingham, was asked to tell who was seriously looking to work for your company.
Since you get up, until you go to sleep, we do not want Keeping track of your phone battery. Kevin Packingham
The task becomes difficult if not removed some of the manga as new screens are big and bright, connectivity becomes more demanding with LTE , and more powerful processors. This is being achieved while maintaining their autonomy, but the thing is further complicated by the obsession with thinness of the equipment.
First, Samsung will have no problem using larger batteries , but will also work on optimizing different aspects of the phone, like the way it interacts with WiFi or 4G networks . That the networks of the operators to improve in quality and range of action is also important because it determines the phone trying consumption snag them.
Samsung itself is already getting good numbers on autonomy with its Galaxy Note , as we show in our analysis, but we must consider here is space for a larger battery.

Motorola also has no problem in increasing the battery

Motorola Mobility is the first in the CES 2012 in moving from the thinness of the phone and use larger batteries. He did it with the Razr Maxx Droid , a thick brother (he has a 3300 mAh battery) of the super phone that stands out for its autonomy.
It is curious that he did it with a Motorola phone touted as the thinnest on the market (now superseded by a Japanese), and I find the idea of ​​using correct a greater thickness to fit a larger capacity battery, if there is continuing original version, what do you think?
In the statements of the manager we do not reveal any special magic to get it, but pointed the purpose of Samsung, and we will remind the end of the year , hopefully that has been achieved.
Being critical of Samsung, the reality is that it gives no great idea to solve the problem, and I do not think other companies are not working in the same direction.


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