Google would develop its own processors for their Android devices

Surprising rumor that jumped on the net today. It is said that Google may be developing its own processor and GPU to be used in future Android devices and thus have the search company more control over the hardware.
It seems that Google wants to have hardware with a longer life cycle than usual to not depend on third parties for the development and future of Android, and be Google which also mark the evolution of hardware Apple makes designing their processors ARM for their IOS devices.
No more details are known but this rumor that Google might try to design a processor and GPU freewith the minimum requirements to run Google Android and forces developers to optimize applications and games on that processor created by Google for avoid the fragmentation that is occurring now in the processors .
The first device that could make use of processor is Google's brand could be the Nexus that would leave at the end of 2012, which could also be manufactured by Motorola to be now owned by Google and offer a mobile first 100% designed by Google.


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