Google Play, a necessary step for Android and Google

Play Google is already among us . The launch of the blue and caught us is that, although the company had moved Mountain View tab recording the names, did not expect that the launch were to occur suddenly. I already talked to her and we explain how to install it if you not here yet.With the theme is still hot even when doing a reflection on the subject. At first glance, Google Play looks like a simple name change, the more successful or less depending on who you ask, but beyond a brand issue we are quite successful step towards convergence and content consumption.

Play Google, more than a face lift

As we saw yesterday Google Play will be the platform on which Google distributes all of its digital content . That is, applications, music, movies and books. Thus the aim is to promote consumption as today the last three do not weigh as relevant as the Android apps.

By changing the distribution strategy, it is understandable that Google has chosen to change the name . It would not make sense when everything is distributed in a unified and everyone had a different name. It is true that Google play well then we have different taglines depending on the content but at least everything is under that nomenclature.The really interesting part of this transformation is the fact that synchronization of content across multiple devices. In part this is not new because in the case of applications already integrated, but in the case of music and movies have decided to go further.

Now, we can continue to play music or movies and continue it at the same point when changing device. Whether to continue with a playlist or a film the idea is good, but not new as Google's competitors are also working on this.

The true potential of this idea, in my humble opinion, will come to a head when Google TV achieves consolidation in the market. For now have a long way to go but some manufacturers like Sony and LG are betting heavily on the operating system and its integration into televisions.

Imagine being in your living room watching a movie in high definition at any time stop and continue on your tablet. Or listen to music on your computer, remember that Google Play allows us to store up to 20,000 songs for free, off and continue at the same point in our mobile phone. The idea is interesting and especially useful .What is not clear is finished to see if this change be enough to revive consumption of content. Today we live in a time where streaming music is something common (Spotify, Pandora ...) but where the film and things have yet to find a way to reach us, legally clear.There are many companies fighting for it with global strategies as does Google itself or locally such as WuakiTV ago, YouZee or Filmin to name a few. To this we must add the problem of copyright management and licensing, easier to control something locally.

Whether the name is correct or not, as I said is a matter of taste . I personally do not dislike but if true I'm going to miss the name of Android Market. Play is quite successful for the audiovisual sector, but for applications is a name that leaves me quite cold.For the time will get used to the changes because currently outside the United States will have to wait to enjoy the full potential of Google Play. Follow the meantime enjoy the apps from the Android Mark ... sorry, Google Play. have to get familiar .


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