Sometimes a computer tends to have a very slow boot speed due to several factors that my range from excesive hard disk partition, incorrect network settings, Antivirus software, USB device conflict e.t.c. But remember that you can always make slight changes or tweeks to help enhance your computers peformance.

To increase your computer's startup speed, you need to do the following:
  1. Press start=>run then type msconfig and press enter

Go to the startup tab where you will see a list of startup items. All the programs that automatically start when you boot your computer are listed in the startup tab.The more the items you have in your startup list, the slower the boot process of your ComputerTherefore you should uncheck all unneccessary items like ms-office, messengers other utilities that u may not be needed at startup. Don't uncheck your antivirus software. After you have done that, restart your Pc

     2.  You can also perform a boot defragment on your disk. defragmenting your disk helps in placing 
           fragmanted files together thereby enhancing computer speed. This option is enabled by default but its
           not on other computer systems. To turn on this option, do the following;
  • Go to start=> run
  • Type regedit then click ok
  • Navigate toHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Dfrg\BootOptimizeFunction 
  • Select Enable from the list on the right.
  • Right click on it and select Modify.
  • Change the value to Y
  • Reboot your computer.


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