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Facebook Chat Emotions
On the Facebook chat you may have notice that your friends are putting cool little emoticons in their chat. such as the shark (^^^) or the penguin <("). and you want to know how to make them! below is a full list of all the Facebook emoticons, the format will be... emoticon, how to make emoticon
regular smile face, :)
teeth showing, :D
sad face, :(
crying face, :'(
weird face, o.O
tong out, :p
open mouth,
angry face, >:(
blahhhh face, :/
winking face, ;)
angry face 2, >:O
chill face, -_-
packman, :v
sick face :3
angel, O:)
devil, 3:)
glasses, 8)
heart, ♥
happy, ^_^
weird face, :*
sunglasses, 8|
robot, :|]
penguin, <(")
shark, (^^^)
putnam, :putman:
#42, :42:
hope i could help!
Bold Font In Facebook Chat
Using this tricks you can make your text in facebook chat bold and also u can underline it.Thanks to kex don.
Here’s the code to make your text underline or bold on Facebook chat .:
Bold text : *surround your text with stars*
Underline Text : _surround your text with underscore_
Get it ?
Put *stars* around your text to bold it,
Put _underscores_ to make it Underlined !
Enjoy !!!


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