How To Automatically Back Up Data From 10+ Social Networks

Sharing of personal data like photos, videos etc. on various social networking websites have become the integral part of our life. But within our hearts we all worried of loosing this data , due to some technical issues or hacking. Backupify is a online service which automatically back up all your data from more than 10 websites like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Google Docs and many more. Backupify automatically back up data on the weekly basis . You can also download local copies of all your data in your Pc’s. All your data is completely secured and safe on the multiple Amazon servers in all around the globe. If any server fails due to some technical issue, still your data will be available from other servers
This service offers you free as well premium plans. Users with free accounts can have back up from three websites whereas in premium service you can have back up from 10+ websites. Users with free plan will be available with 1 GB of storage space and user with premium plan will have 10-50 GB storage space (According to plan).How To Back Up Data From 10+ Social Networks
1.Signup with your desired plan on the Backupify
2.Choose any Website from which you want to have back up and click on addbutton. For now I am choosing Facebook.
3.Click on the login button and install the app.
4.In the permission window click on the Allow button.
5.Now you are done. Backupify will now automatically create back up of your facebook account on the weekly basis.
6.To check your back up data, click on the back ups tab in your account.
7.To download your data from any social networking website click on it and then click on the configure button.
8.Now all your data will be synchronized in one place and download link will be sent to your Email Address.
Now your online data is safe and secured. You don’t have to worry about loosing your data. You can also experience premium accounts for 30 days without paying a single penny. If you find this service useful then you can upgrade your account any time.


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