Quick guide to Google+ for Dummies!

Everyone is struggling to get Google+ account and those who have already got one are busy exploring it. Just when i joined Google+, I literally spent whole day on it exploring and Googling more about it. The User interface of Google+ is clean and Impressive, though it closely resembles to Facebook’s UI. Interestingly Google+ let’s you edit your posts after publishing, this was really unexpected feature and one can use this feature in a wrong way. Overall Google+ seems to be promising next generation social Network.
I remember my old days, when i joined facebook couple of years ago, i felt really difficult to use it but then with time i mastered it..i can say . Now same thing is happening again with Google+. So if you don’t wanna waste your time Googling how to use Google+, here’s a Quick Google+ cheat sheet that explains all the stuff that you can do on Google+, as well as useful shortcuts that are supported by Google+. Note: Don’t forget to Add me on Google+ – Click here! OR if you haven’t got any invitation to Join, please scrap your ‘Gmail address’ in the comments and I’ll send you one. (takes around 12hours or more) #1. Circles are like grouping people and Following them like on Twitter. In other words, it is similar to Facebook friend lists or Twitter Lists. You can create your own custom circle and add people by dragging them in from a list of contacts.
#2. +1 Button on a post is the same as “Like” button on Facebook. +1 Button on any Website is Similar to Facebook “Share” Button.
#3. Text Options in post: unlike Facebook, here you can make your words bold, italic & Strike out. To do so you just need to add some ‘special characters’ before and after the text, see below:
#4. Just like Facebook you can add photos, videos, or links to your posts. You can drag photos and videos from your desktop or folder and drop them (in post) into the Stream editor


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