First Conceptual Look of Iphone 5 – Possible Iphone 5 Features

 Though Apple has not yet declared the release date for iphone 5, it is rumored to be around September. And as always, people have already started spreading Rumors about possible iphone 5 features. Some geeks from NoWhereElse have already created cool info-graphics that showcases the conceptual look of iphone 5 and the possible features that the iPhone 5 might have. According to sources the iPhone 5 would feature a Brushed metal chassis instead of the glass backing that the iPhone 4 has. Some other features are a 4-inch large display, an A5 processor, higher-resolution camera, 3D support, and an NFC chip. The Design is fully Unpredictable and it could be the same design with a metal chassis instead of the glass backing or it could have completely New look and could also be Inspired by the iPad 2 with Reduced Thickness and a Metallic Back side as you can see below:
-Some Features that may Power iphone 5:


Matt Logan said...

What I do like about the iphone 5 is the better camera that now takes a pure shot. Another thing, the 4-inch screen is now much bigger and fit an extra row for the icons and is useful for watching movies or browsing the internet.
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