Windows Phone Tango minimum specs and limitations revealed

New details have been uncovered about the Windows Phone Tango update, by members of the Russian WP7forum, while testing the new OS on a developer device – the HTC Mazaa. While the news brings details about the various improvements that Tango will bring to Windows Phone, it also brings word of the limitations in place for lower-end devices that Tango will enable.
Windows Phone Tango will apparently bring the minimum memory down to measly 256MB RAM, which brings with it the caveat that Windows Phone devices with that much memory will not be able to support all apps, their third-party Live Tiles will not work, and they won’t playback videos with more than a 4Mbps bitrate.
Tango devices with 256MB of RAM also won’t be able to upload images automatically to SkyDrive, and, they don’t support on-phone podcasts management. Windows Phone Tango lowers the bar for the camera on the device as well – the minimum is now 3MP, presumably without 720p HD video recording as mandatory.
mprovements come in the form of SIM contacts migration, enhanced roaming options, automatic app update via Zune, more pre-installed apps, more languages and C++ support (as we’ve heard before), as well as improved MMS capabilities finally featuring audio/video support, and multiple photo attachments.
Source: GSMArena


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