Android free calling 48 min one time(now unlimited) market globaltalk
3.downlod n install app
5.without doing anythig just by opening app u will rewrded free 48min for india
steps. market kallone donload n open
3.register on it
4.u will get 0.02Euro
5.this is for 2:45 seƧ call in india.
6.register again by changing email address and username.
7.for registering in short time like 1min is for two account can be registerd.
method for register register page on kallone use username simple as u can with 1,2,3,4.....suffix like my username is h@cking1 second h@cking2 like this, this will help u to remember your account easly.
2.password should be same all time very easy to remember n also time save when u switch ur new accout in apps. go and register a big on email at gmail like 26 charecters. why this--u know very well google gmail can be used by adding dot between email charecters. so if u have long email address u can make many accout through this.
8.register and activate ur email. kallone and in setting enter username and pass.
10.switching accout wirhin 10sec--- when u talk a buddy for 2:45sec call will drop in that case go quickely in setting and change username its done call again.remember pass is same for every register account. again for and do unlimited account and call.


unusual peter said...

Trust it or not, you can make free global calls when calling from either a landline or when utilizing VoIP. 0800

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