Facebook – Keyboard Shortcuts

Facebook has keyboard shortcuts to make your navigation easier. It is an automatic feature which is already enabled. You can now use shortcuts to quickly jump from facebook homepage to any other page. This is very useful for smooth and fast facebook user’s who ever not very much want to use mouse/track-pad while on facebook chat or navigation through pages. So these are shortcut keys which will really help you for sure. List of Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts Alt + 1 Return to Facebook homepage Alt + 2 To goto Wall tab of your profile page
Alt + 3 To View Friends requests list Drop down list
Alt + 4 To View Latest Messages list Drop down list
Alt + 5 To View Notification list Drop down list
Alt + 6 To goto Account setting webpage
Alt + 7 To goto Account privacy configuration webpage
Alt + 8 To open Facebook fan page at facebook.com/facebook
Alt + 9 To open Facebook’s Statement of Rights & Resposibilities
Alt + 0 To open Facebook Help Center
Alt + M To Create New Message
Alt + ? for Cursor control in the Search box.
Note: Above Key Shortcuts work with Chrome and IE. Firefox user’s can use Shift key along with above key combinations for Example Shift + Alt + 1 also note that there is no need to use + sign while using shortcut keys…


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Indeed helpful.!
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