how to trace your lost mobile with imei number

If Some one stole your mobile or you loss your mobile then what will you do?
Nothing much, But there is some option available which help you to get back your stolen mobile
All Mobile have unique IMEI(International Mobile Equipment Identity) Number, no two mobile have same number it is totally unique , to check your IMEI number dial *#06#
with this IMEI Number you will get so many information about your handset and maker of the mobile and manufacture place ,etc
Follow this step
First submit your FIR if your mobile lost or stolen
Then submit your FIR to your service provider
Then ask your service provider to trace your number
If your mobile is switched on and it has different Simcard then it will trace easily
If your simcard is not activated then also your mobile can trace
You can ask your service provider to Block your IMEI number
Service provider use a shared hosting service for blocking IMEI numbers
Witch mean if your mobile have different sim then also Your mobile not work
your service provider get that sim number which is used for you IMEI Number
point to Remember :
when ever you purchased new mobile then take your IMEI number and note it
if your mobile lost or stolen then call to your service provider and block your number
then go to your nearest police station and give written complete that is FIR
and take one copy for you
then submit this copy to your service provider
Tracing of Lost mobile through IMEI number in India
We all are now more or less aware of IMEI No i.e International Mobile Identity No of our mobile handset due to the recent stricter regulations of Govt. Here is an interesting fact to share about the IMEI No. Each mobile carries a unique IMEI which can be used to track your mobile anywhere in the world. This is how it works!!!!!!
Dial *#06# from your mobile.
Your mobile shows a unique 15 digit no (it’s a mix match of alpha numeric digit code)
Note down this no anywhere but except your mobile as this is the number which will help trace your mobile in case of a theft.
Once stolen you just have to mail this 15 digit IMEI No to with the following details :
Your name:
Phone model:
Last used No.:
E-mail for communication:
Missed date:
Your Mobile will be traced via a complex system of GPRS and internet within few hours. This may not be standard and may vary.
You will find where your hand set is being operated even in case your no is being changed.
TRACK IMEI is here to help you locate your lost mobile. If you have lost your mobile and remember the 14/15 digit IMEI number of your mobile which is a unique number for every mobile then you can register you mobile with us, if any of our dealers across the world will come across that mobile having that IMEI number we will contact you on the details provided by you while registering with us. If you have already registered with us the details then you can search for your mobile by entering the IMEI number in the below search for IMEI number field.
Trace your lost mobile with IMEI number is a Dynamic IMEI Monitoring system in which you can trust to secure your Mobile Phone. It is compulsory to register your Mobile IMEI Number. We provide the complete location information of the mobile which may be stolen or lost due to any reason.


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thank u 4 providing such a great explanation.
I will follow ur instruction..

nikhil said...

i lost my samsung mobile just i fill up all d information n send to so plz help me fro my lost mobile n contact me shelke(undr scor)nikhil(at d rate)

nishtha mehra said...

hii i have lost my samsung galaxy r i am not having the imei no with me but i am having the invoice of the phone which is having some details but i am not sure that this is the imei no can u helpp plzz!!!

Riyaz abdul rasheed said...

my sony ericson phone stolen, any one can help me , my phone IMEI number 01244800-597215-0 , my mobile number 00971554435632 ABUDHABI UAE, local number 0554435632

vipul savaliya said...

Hi i lost my samsung galaxy note N7000.

i lost it in london but after i known one of my friend took it in india. now he using my phone so how can i know where location he using my cell.




SIR/MADAM PLESE HELP ME i have stolen my samsung mobile phone model no GTEI-2152I & imei number is359582048982502 pleas trace my mobile or how can I trace mobile without police complain MY CONTACT NO IS 09466514152


SIR/MADAM PLESE HELP ME i have stolen my samsung mobile phone model no GTEI-2152I & imei number is359582048982502 pleas trace my mobile or how can I trace mobile MY CONTACT NO IS 09466514152

sergeant black said...

sir/madam i lost my samsung gt-s5830 three months ag fillin an fir was a waste can u help mme find it
imei no:354890047446303 my contact no i 8374108867
pllz help me find it

Paulo Guincho said...

i need help as well an iphone 4 stolen in portugal imei:012420000959037 please help me

jagdeep Vaid said...

i hv lost my mobile samsung galaxy sII in Jan-12. IMEI no. is 359090044554549, my contact no is 9855003422

Mahender said...

I hv lost my mobile samsung galaxy GT B-5512 from Janak Puri New Delhi on 25 th August 2012, IMEI No. 352615050673101 my contact no. is 9868411786

Keppee said...

If you have lost your mobile, you can register the same at

Mukkakarthik Reddy said...

hello..i ve recently lost my samsung galaxy note.can somebody please track it using its imei no??359548048003284 is my imei no.

sreedatta aditya said...

hello i hav lost my nokia n-8.pls somebody track it.its imei no. is 359054041335005

Ravi Verma said...

hello...I have lost my nokia asha305 please somebody track it. its imei no. is 353689053884063

Manu said...

anybody who has found the lost cell from the imgi number


hello i have lost my nokia asha305 please track it Imei no is 359059045309245

runvijay kumar said...

i have lost my mobile samsung plese track it imei no 355527040298849 20 march 2011 02:10 plese help my email id cotact no 8800945259 plese help

Tunech Scott said...

hi i lost my nokia e5 on 9 aug 2012...please help me track it...tha imei is 354859048961008 email me at

Shawn Tatham said...

I lost my phone imei # is 351823057044596. Can u pls help me to track it. My email is

Iby George said...

Sir, please help me.....
and my imei no. is 359462048721509
My email id

Ankit Tanwar said...

sir, i lost my galaxy s3 on 10th september 2012. MY IMEI NO. is 353721052190562. My no. is 8447616111 n Email id is Rewards Guaranteed

uma mahesh said...

I was wondering whether any one got their lost mobile after reporting to Is it trustworthy?

Dinesh said...

Please let me know if any one has been able to recover their lost phones from the imei number.

Even the cops told me its a loosing battle. so just want to be sure that there might be a hope.

Rezwanul Karim said...



I have lost sony ericson experia mobile with IMEI number 352638050162701

cheerag said...

hi i have lost my nokia 5233phone IMEI no is :358614043758529
my emailid is plssssssssssss help me to trace my mobile...

Saravanan. P said...

I have lost my Samsung Exhilarate mobile IMEI No is:359624041318498
Email Id:

Please help me to track this mobile phone

Bala Subramanian said...

I lost my samsung galaxy s3 phone. IMEI number is 351869051521956. Can somebody help me get back my phone? Bala (

BLOG ME said...

I lost my samsung galaxy S1 in Thane. , i am not sure where i activated my tracker or not but i want to lock my phone as data can be misused bye any one... please suggest me to whome shall i contact... i have made FIR with THANE, POLICE STATION,

karthik said...

Dear Sir,
We went to a football tournament on 1st October 2012. Some stranger stole our phones from our bags when we went to play. On someone's view he is a teenager around the age of 20
This is a serious case as thefts often occur in that place ( Saidapet ). About 6-10 phones have been stolen

Here are the necessary details of one phone
Registered Name: G.C Saravanakumar
Address: 9/5 Vembuli Subebhar Street, G3 Shakthi Flats, Alandhur Chennai - 16
Phone Number of lost phone: 9962471062
Contact Number: 9444728760
Phone Make and Model: Celkon C360
Last Called Number: 9566197748
Email ID:
IMEI Number of lost phone: 911202950130740 or 911202950130757

Thanks and regards,

Victor said...

great post

I believe every mobile manufacturer should include mobile tracker in the device

Hope to see more post related to Trace Mobile Number


Saurabh Chaudhary said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ankit Singh said...

how can i trace my loss cell phone plz advise me .

Virendra said...

Respected Sir,
Today I lost My Nokia 5800 Handset.
its imei code is: 356910039572318
plz help me for tracing my phone.
My contect no is 8460544680.
or mail me:

akshay tumsare said...

sir,15octboer2012 loss my cell phone my imei-354303041618844 my email id plz help me for tracung my phon.

jatin kumar said...

shit lost a cool phone today while driving and now not able to find it even by mobile tracker even when typing the IMEI number which is of 15 digit and it needs not more than 14 digit I MEAN WHATS THATS WTF!!! :(

vinay singh said...

dear sir/madam i lost my mobile i want to trace my mobile without comp lent my imei no is 354110053943584 my contact no is this please tell me the process.

Mainsh Singh said...

dear sir / madam i"m lost my phone i want to trace my phone imei number 354131050166136 , 354131050166128 nokia asha 305 only 1 month old....please sir/madam help me

Sizzling LEO said...

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sasi said...

si i am d.shs.dhar.loist my mobile nyumber in hyderabad. my imei number is 355317040238486.
my contact num ber is 9494965292

Thati Rakesh said...

sir iam t.rakesh i lost my mobile in hyd. my imei contact no is 9705588003,please find my mobile and inform me sir......

sree said...

pls pls pls help me sir,..i lost my apple iphone today..and its IMEI no -011813003369967..thanks in advance my no -9908334448..

nilesh jaiswal said...

pls help me sir to find out my lost samsung phone model are the following details;
name-ajay jaiswal
address-a-16 nirmit resedency near krishna-3 bunglows opp sangat mall-1 mottera,ahemdabad.
missed date-10th november
contact no;8758811888

Dhiraj Misra said...

Could not mail to as DNS error. I have lost my mobile on 10-11-2012 at around 17:00 at Sivasagar, Assam and subsequeently lodged a complain at Sivasagar police station. I have lost al valuabul information and about 700 contacts with the mobile number which I do not have backups.I therefore like to request you to trace my mobile set so that I can get it back. Please find the details about my phone.

Name : Sri Dhiraj Misra
Address : LIC of India, Jorhat DO, Rajabari, Jorhat, Assam, India
Phone Model : Samsung Galaxy Y. S5360
Make : Samsung
Last number used: 09435082693
Email :
Missed date : 10-11-2012.
IMEI : 359462047639850

For this act of your kindness I will be ever gratefull to you.

With regards
Sri Dhiraj Misra

Unknown said...


I lost my mobile yesterday, the detail are as fellow:-

My Name : Mukesh Kumar
Address : MCF-782, Sanjay Colony, Sector-23, Faridabad-121005 (Haryana)
Phone model: Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos GT-B 5512
Make : Samsung
Last used No.: 9871889188 / 8901326313
E-mail for Communication: /
Missed date : 11 November 2012
IMEI No.: 352615050734515 and 352616050734513


Mukesh Kumar


i lost my mobile yesterday,my mobile ime no is358620045784918.....thanks,find my mobile and inform me sir this number.....9938874958

KRISHNA said...

i lost my NOKIA E6 mobile yesterday,my mobile IMEI
no is 354875044094719, sir please find my
mobile and inform me on this

thanking you sir

Kuntla.Prashanth Reddy said...

Hi Sir,

I have lost my SAMSUNG galaxy Y mobile today morning. It's IMEI num is 359462047426670.
Could anyone please trace my mobile and inform me at 9948117766.

I have very very imp data on that mobile.

Please please...

Thanking you.
Peashanth Reddy.K

Anonymous said...


I lost my mobile, nokia N73, its imei number is 356406012118294,

please sir
i,m live in ranchi
i lost my mobile in goa date:-18/10/12, time 11.00 pm in baga beach . please give me some information or mobile no. who took my mobile Phone .
i bought it second hand mobile in my friend.
I have not yet complean (fir).
my email id :-

Maxiverma said...

sir i am mahesh verma my samsung galaxy pocket mobile is stolen please help me the imei num is 351737058621816 please sir or madam help me please..............and my contect number is 9828071863

محمد عباس said...

galaxy s3 imei 351869058420087

sachin pandit said...

IMEI NO- 352306053662826

jassi said...

imei no - 356938032109317
nokia n900
lost my phone on 13th april 2012
my contact mail address
me from ludhiana.. help me plz 9780712441 my mobile no....

gagan deep said...

I have lost my nokia X2-02
Imei no. 352869054139292
pls track it as soon as possible
my e-mail id
n contact no. is 9988109081

Hardik Rana said...

imei no -354098052040165
samsung galaxy s duos
lost my mobile on 28th November2012
my contact no 9558522011 dholka
plz help me
my email id

Hemant Kumar Singh said...

my lg mobile kg 300 imfi no.352834010659809 lost.
my email id is mob 9453668858

Tahseen Khan said...

i hove lost my samsung galaxy chat (i have police FIR)IMEI no.:352941051694379 my email
mob no. 9702559786

Ramon Flores said...

Dear Admin my LG optimus 2x was stolen by my office mate by Nov.2, 2012 and I always keep tracking to It but nothing happened.Im sure that you can help me, this is my IMEI number 356216043326638.., this is my email,

Tinku Mandal said...

Please help me i have stolen my nokia mobile phone Model no Nokia 101 and IMEI NO- A) 359052044477568 B) 359052044477576 Please Trace my mobile or How can I Trace mobile with out police complaint Please help me find it.Mobile phone missed to 30/11/2012. My contact no is -9800869692 and my email

raghuagile Ragothaman said...

I have lost my mobile yesterday. Phone model Samsung-galaxy ace (S5830). IMEI number is 359656048942516. Please trace it and let me know
my email id is



I have lost my mobile 2 months ago and please help to find it.
IMEI 358894048867984
Mobile no 0094 773760704

Jaspreet Singh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jaspreet Singh said...

I lost my mobile today(4.12.2012) at afternoon(11:30 am) at focal point, ludhiana, punjab. I was travelling by share auto, I realized that my mobile is lost on getting down from share auto.I request you to kindly track my mobile.It contains important data.

Mobile details:
IMEI: 352678043692075
Service provider: VODAFONE
mobile no on use: 9646619665
ITEM: 002K807

Kunal Shah said...

I have lost my Samsung Galaxy Note ( White ) on
01-12-2012 during a special train via train while charging in the coach only, Please help me out if you find any details of the same,

Mobile Details
Make : Samsung
Model : Galaxy Note
Color : White
IMEI Number : 359548048895895
Mobile Num : 09825248000
Email :

Please expect a reward in return as well

rajshaikh Mushtaque said...

Your name: Shaikh Mustaque Mabood

Address: 99/100, Millat Nagar, Near Bande Nawaz Society Dhule - 424001 Maharashtra (India)

Phone model: Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000 ( Andriod)

Make: Samsung

Last used No.:9823080097

E-mail for communication:

Missed date: 18th Nov 2012

IMEI No.: 354795043587010

Hoping for your valuable co-operation.

Yours Truly

Shaikh Mustaque
Contact No.9325395672 / 9422788667

Robin Bahuguna said...

Name - Robin Bahuguna

Address- E - 337 , Nirman Vihar New Delhi,110092

Model- Samsung GT- 5830


Last Used No- 9411170543

E mail-

Missed Date- 5-12-2012

IMEI No - 358794046739062

Hussain Alee said...

please help me to find my android mobile
IMEI : 01268200 627525 0

if got any information please e mail me


shekhar said...

sir please help me to find my samsung mobile galaxy y 5360 imei no-351824052226584.

if u got any information of my mobile please mail me on

my name is chandra shekhar gupta.

prasad reddy suda said...

Name: Prasad Reddy Suda
Address: C/o R. Subrahmanyam
D No: 8-4-380/1/2
Prem Nagar
Contact No: +919885702474, +917306601908

Model: Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000
S.No: R2YZ749738Y
Make: Samsung
Last Used Number: +919177939463
Email ID:
Missed Date: 08/12/2012 (dd/mm/yyyy)
IMEI No: 351751044190075


prachi khanna said...

Please help me to find my mobile phone
IMEI No.-- 354158/05/211326/1

if got any information please e-mail me .

Arun Pant said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Arun Pant said...

I lost my mobile in Jammu- Rajdhani express (AC-3 TIER) at platform No 15 on 19 Nov 2012 . please help to find /get my mobile.
Name: Arun Kumar Pant
Address: House No:227, Sector-3 , RK Puram, New Delhi 11 00 22
Phone Model: NOKIA 5800c xpress music
Last used No : Don't Remember
E-mail for contact :
Missed Date: 19 Nov 2012 (morning)
IMEI No: 356910039340070

d said...

Hi I Am Birendra kumar I lost My mobile in Pune Pimpri Sabji Mandi 16 dec 2012 plz help

Name:Birendra Kumar
Model NO: Nokia Asha 305
IMEI NO:354104056554290
e-mail id:
MY Current Add:
230/1853,Vallabh Nagar Pimpri,Pune41108

ashu.......... said...

I lost my Nokia mobile phone worth Rs.12,000 this morning.
Can u please take necessary measures to find it.
I ve enclosed necessary information.

Your name: S.Venkatesh
Address:T.Damayanthi D/O hanumaiah ithavaram (po),nandigama (md),krishna (dt),521185.andhra pradesh .
Phone model: c29628
Mame: Nokia
IMEI NO :359064049419628
Last used No.: 9640846183
E-mail for
Missed date: 20-11-2012

subha said...

I lost my Samsung Galaxy mobile on 12/12/2012 in an auto. If anybody finds it please contact me on this number 9445044325
Name : Balaji. V
Address : New No 5, Vedantha Desigar Swamy Street, Palathope, Mylapore. Chennai- 600004
Phone Model : GT-S5830
Make : Samsung
Last used no : +919444380099
Email :
Missed date : 12/12/2012
IMEI Number : 359656/04/293145/7

satya... said...

I lost my nokia 101 18/12/2012 at 8.45pm . plz help me to find it and contact me on my email id .

color- black
place where lost- durg, state- chattisgarh
country - india
zip code - 491001

chiranjeevi sattu said...


IMEI NO 352272/05/648244/0


THANK YOU.........

chiranjeevi sattu said...

my mail

Sanjay Sharma said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sanjay Sharma said...

Please help me for finfing out my mobile.

Name: S Sharma
Mob: 7838606655/9716119897
Phone model: E-71,Black
Make: Nokia
Last used No.: 7838606655
E-mail for communication:
Missed date: 22-12-12
IMEI No.: 354208036099787

Captain cook said...

Guys , does it work ? I am yet to read one reaching its logical conclusion.

Captain cook said...

Name : M Srivastava
Last Used no: 9451236457/9651401004
IMEI No.: 354098051697874 and 354099051697872 (dual sim)
Phone make: Samsung Galaxy S duos 7562
Lost date: 23-12-2012

hkurle said...

I have lost my SAMSUNG S DUOS mobile while traveling in Mumbai local Train ,My sincere request to you kindly help me out to trace my lost Mobile .

Name - Hemant R. Kurle
Phone Model - SAMSUNG S-DUOS GT-S7562
Last used No : +919930328091
Email :

Lost Date : 20/12/12
IMEI Number : 354098053314205

aman mahajan said...

my name:-gauri

address:- A-25 newpnchdeep soc. Vijayanagar nasik maharashtra


make:- samsung

last used :- 24/12/2012

e mail:-

missed date:- 24/12/2012

imei no.:- 352384053135705

gautam jha said...

hello sir

i lost my HTC DESIRE V phone, my mind is totally off...please do smthing for me...

IMEI no: 352795052454328

contact me :

reply me plese please, papa will kill me...

kanhaiya kr said...

My mobile asha 305 IMEI 1=354104059380180 IMEI 2=354104059380198 hai jo ki lost ho gaya hai agar mujhe nahi mili to out fo home kar diya jayega

anl said...

If u lose your mobile,

Got an interesting fact to share.. Nowadays each one of us carries Hi Fi Mobile devices and always fears that it may be stolen. Each mobile carries a unique IMEI i.e. International Mobile Identity No which can be used to track your mobile anywhere in the world.

This is how it works!!!!!!

1. Dial

*#06# from your mobile.

2. Your mobile shows a unique 15 digit.

3. Note down this no anywhere but except your mobile as this is the no which will help trace your mobile in case of a theft.

4. Once stolen you just have to mail this 15 digit IMEI no. to

5. No need to go to police.

6. Your Mobile will be traced within next 24 hrs via a complex system of GPRS and internet.

7. You will find where your hand set is being operated even in case your no is being changed. PASS ON THIS VERY IMP MESSAGE TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND RELATIVES.

If u lost your mobile, send an e-mail to

With the following info.

Your name:


Phone model:


Last used No.:

E-mail for communication:

Missed date:


Keep all these information stored for emergency use .

sagar said...

Name, sagar sharma
Add surat
Imei no, *352615/05/023642/0*
Mo no, 9924409929
Lasat use no. Sms, 9904763181

Parthesh Soni said...


Address: B/35, prarthna duplex, Nr.Narayan Garden,Opp. Yash Complex,GOTRI, BARODA 390021

Phone model : Samsung 5830 galaxy ace

Make: 2012

Last used no : 9426892567

Email for communication :

Missed Date : 30/12/2012

IMEI No : 352306055866466

vinod laddu said...

hi this is vinod kumar from andhrapradesh
today i lost my mobile samsung galaxy pop
i had read the procedure on this information which u provided here it is helpful but i want to know the person who had stolen my mobile and i want his or her details sooo will u please support us to get the thief also

send me reply to my mail id

please help us i want my mobile with the thief thank you.........................

BIKSHAPATHI Munjam said...

Name: M.Bikshapathi

Address: H.No 11-40,shanthinagar
Patancheru,medak 502304

Phone Model GT-S6802


Last Used Number 1). +919160994693
2). +918099971906

Email for communication

Missed Date 30th Dec 2012

IMEI NO 353854050927006

Machine Shop Lead
Unit no.#04-01,Level 4,Block 2,Cyber Pearl IT Park,
Hitec City,Madhapur,Hyderabad -500081
PH 040-404986111 EXT.6336
CELL NO 91- 9160994693

BIKSHAPATHI Munjam said...

hi all

30th dec 2012 i lost my galaxy mobile.after purchasing this mobile i was not used it for more than 10 days.anybody can please help me to get back my mobile.

Name: M.Bikshapathi

Address: H.No 11-40,shanthinagar
Patancheru,medak 502304

Phone Model GT-S6802


Last Used Number 1). +919160994693
2). +918099971906

Email for communication

Missed Date 30th Dec 2012

IMEI NO 353854050927006

Machine Shop Lead
Unit no.#04-01,Level 4,Block 2,Cyber Pearl IT Park,
Hitec City,Madhapur,Hyderabad -500081
PH 040-404986111 EXT.6336
CELL NO 91- 9160994693

andrilo diaz said...

hello ser pls. help me last night I lost my new cherry mobile flare I want to block my phone my contact # is 09156878746 and my phone emei1: is 866242018223959 pls. help ser my email is sana matulungan nyo ako salamat po god bless!

Sudhir Kumar said...

IMEI NO 35814804-414510#5 MY CONTACT NO IS 08880938686 MY email is pls help me out

James Gonzales said...

i lost my Samsung S3 here in Malaysia IMEI number 353721057506929 contact number is +60 0164671706 or email me at

duplain phawa said...

i lost my mobile sonyericsson xperia arc s in jowai meghalaya IMEI no:352600052011724 and my contact no is +919856041081 or e-mail

nikes said...

i lost my mobile samsung galaxy 3in agra.. IMEI no is 353719056871690 and my email id

sandhya said...

Hi Sir/Mam,

I lost my mobile phone today at 11.30am in my Office only( Bangalore).
Mobile Number: 9036497750
Mobile Model Name:WT19i/LiveWalkman/White
IMEI : 35850804-976469-9
Make: March 2012

At 11.23 I got call from one of my friend (9542148103), this was the last call I got.
I called at 12pm it said phone not reachable.
And from 1pm it shows switched off.

Thanking you.

ista lingam said...

hi i lost my Samsung Galaxy pop GTS5570 from my office and i launched FIR at Dapodi PoliceStation in Pune. They are told that mobile is still not use by anyother so we cant trace now. it is only possible whenever someone using mobeile is it correct? otherwise what is the procedure for trace my mobile? I have my IMEI No also.

apurbads2 said...

I lost my samsung galaxy y dous ,I launched FIR at gorabajer pulice station in IMIE no.
353877050976798 &

I can not trace this IMIE using internet.However it is possible to collect this phone pls help me.otherwise what is procedure for trace my phone?

Ashish Behera said...

i lost my samsung galaxy ace mobile imei no is 352306052239725 please inform me on 09861761718

Shivanghi said...

i lost my samsung corby gts 3653.IMEI numer is 358040034510937.Email me at

Ruchika said...

If you've lost your mobile Please mail the details like model, imei number & invoice of your phone to I may turn out to some kind of help for you, or atleast I will try to retrieve your phone

Gajender Rana said...

Please track my lost Mobile phone
I lost my Mobile of HTC Explore A310e +2GB memory card, IMEI no.- 359918042367706 & having reliance gsm SIM inserted in it of Mob. no. - +917827658148. I need your help for tracing my Mobile Phone. My phone was lost on 14 Jan 2013 at 1800 hrs at Badurpur Border in New Delhi. In case you find the mobile phone please contact to address as mention below:
Name: Sumeet Rana
S/O G S Rana
SMQ 20/6 Vayusenabad
Near Battra Hospital
Tughlakabad New Delhi -62
Mobile No: 9718488484
E mail:
Thinking You Sir,

sandeep yadav said...

Dear I have lost my mobile in market sec-6 karnal,

Kindly trace my mobile.

Name-Saurbh Gupta
IMEI No:-386107045358147
model no-sumsung galaxy s gt-I9003

arun sharma said...

Sir, myself Arun Sharma i lost my mobile in faridabad,
Missing date: 4 jan 2013 at 5:00 pm
IMEI NO.: 355315049342978
Mob. Model: Samsung Wave GT-S5253
pin code:121001
My Email add.:
Mob no.: 09990424217
please search my mobile.

Manoj Gupta said...

Dear Sir,

I lost my iPhone4 last month. Following are the details:
IMEI N. 013273008056606

Please help if this can be traced.
Manoj Gupta

Unknown said...

I lost my Blackberry Curve
IMEI : 354481051108045

Please search ..... n help

Manoj K Chitlangia
H2 Shubham Apartment
6/2 Dr R S Bhandari Marg
INDORE: 094250-64111

MUFADDAL said...

i have lost my mobile phone imei num is 356930038271332 found in assam guwahti pls help me for trace my num 09960428695

rahul acharjee said...

hi, i lost my white samsung galaxy S3 this morning from dimapur, nagaland, india
Emei no: 353743050264066
can you please help me find it.

yash said...

I have lost my Sony xperia Arc S mobile on 17th Jan 2013 from Andheri, Mumbai (Mah).
I had blocked my mob no (vodafone) 99330268275 on same day and on next day i had received new sim.
So can u plz help me to find it
IMEI NO:353440055215249
Model:Sony Xperia Arc S
Make: Sony Erricsson
Contact Details: 9930268275
mail Id:

Khan Heena said...

Hey all its wrong....
Dont believe frndz... still waiting for my email rply from

No one will do anything.. its all fake..

Once stolen, you cant get back ur mobile :(

Raj Kashyap said...

sir,madam i have stolen my mobile nokia asha 305. plz help me and trace my mobile and find it. my contact no is

Dola raj Vpo dhara teh & dist. kullu hp.175105

imei no is 1 sim 354131052483000
2 sim 354131052483018
model : nokia asha 305
missed date : 23/01/2013
contact detail 1902 278007
mob. 9625928002

amit said...

sir i hav losted my samsung galaxy s2 and my imei no. is 358488045086134
plz help me to find my fone and email me on

ranveer singh said...

I have lost my mobile nokia asha 305 please trace my mobile and find it

my contect
ambikapur surguja c.g.497001

imei number is sim1-354592058100783
model:nokia asha 305 red
missed date:20/01/2013
plz help me............

saqib raza shahji said...

sir plzzzzzzzzz find me cell my cell imei number 354592052985460
and this is my contact number 00923039441672 plzzzz my cell lost date 26 january 2013

Vimal Mishra said...

Dear Sir.
I lost my HTC explore A310e & IEMI no- 357953049413262. sir please find my mobile and inform me on this no - 07869776776
My Mail ID -

Thanking you Sir,

Vikas Singh said...

Imei 357892040640442
imei2nd one is 357892040640459

Name Vikas Singh Baghel
S/o Bhupendra singh

Add- B80 Akriti Gardens Bhopal Nehru nagar

Phone model Nokia X1-01 Black registered on my name
Last used no. 7415840448


Date missing 03/02/2013.. after 3:00 pm

Alternate no with me is 8109697574..plz call me on this no. if u get any info

allan serrao said...

i have lost my mobile
nokia x2-02
i dont have my imei..
what shld i do???

snehal patil said...

I have lost my samsung galaxy ace GT-S5830i
IMEI NO:352306051175052
REF NUM:9224236405

Anonymous said...

helo sir My Name Is Nagesh Kumar
and I Live in surajgarh jhunjhunu

my mobile lost date-03/02/2013
i have lost my spice 5460 mobile
IMEI NO:-911143554728374
my contact Number;-7877159249

ramesh bokadia said...

I have been lost my apple 3GS phone IMEI no : 011985004724471 , please guide me how to find the phone, my mail id :

Deepak Kumar said...

Dear Sir/Madam, I lost my HTC Sensation from Hari Nagar Market. IMEI No is 359614043598551. I have given written complaint to police but nothing has been done. Please check your data base and help. my email id is, contact no-9810501698

Satishkumar Ganga said...

hi i am SatishKumar Ganga, I lost my NOKIA LUMIA510. My mobile IMEI: 353662052086550, sim card number: 09730370637. I am given complaint in police station also. My location is Andheri(E), Mumbai. Please, contact me at

peter sp said...

Dear sir/madam.

I lost my samsung Galaxy Ace-s5830 today(06/02/20130 morning 11am near roopay nagar to eastend and the IMEI no. is 359160045236345 please help me to track my mobile.

mohit cddc said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mohit cddc said...

Dear Sir/Madam
I Lost my Nokia N97 mobile on (10/feb/2013) 6:pm near ISBT and the imei no is 358226032633710 please help me to track my mobile.
cont. no 9999021117

Amar said...

Dear Sir\Madam,

I have lost my Nokia 5530 xpressmusic phone (white) on 8th feb 2013 in kamothe, Navi mumbai at around 10-11 am.
Last number used (vodafone): 9769430085
My IMEI no. :- 351540041459942
Please add this IMEI number in the blacklist shared with you and other networks.
Please help me in getting my phone back.
My current number is : 9930990166

Amar Sale

bhavesh kharat said...

Dear Sir/Madam

I Lost my Samsung tab2 on(02.Feb.2013)3:am near Vishrantwadi and the Imei No is 352373059052626 please help me to track my tab
cont no.9762445969/8888848651

sandeep gothwal said...

my mobile has been lost huawei c 2806 tata. my imei no is A00000/Ao/ce53 battery no gag94235f1575346. my mob no is 9255187326 plz cheq my cell phone may be requested yo plz cheq my mobile phone.
Thanking you.
pta lagne pr sampark kre my altrnet no is 9992807441, 8053987129 thanking you.

deepak singhal said...

I have lost my Samsung Galaxy SII IMEI No. 358848/04/925040/0 on 19th feb. with my Idea Sim ph. no. 9837025643 at Tri Nagar Area of Delhi.

Please help me, if anybody can find it out. my other contact no. is 08755420232

Thanking you,
Deepak Singhal

Mayur Patil said...

sir my imei no.354813040164756 trace give the mobile number& name insert sim owner my number9921914091

Narender Kumar said...

Narender Kumar
I Have lost my Sony ( Xperia Tipo Dual sim mobile ) My Mobil IMEI No 353811051136227 date 24-2-2013 time 7:00AM to 8:30 AM Missing in gurgaon haryana in india mob. no 9958846987 & 9896651597
(my contect num.- 9416858654 Email id

Prashant Menghal said...

I lost my Samsung Mobile Galaxy ACE DUOS S 6802 having IMEI NO 353854050516718 Kindly help me

Habibul Islam Sajeeb said...

I lost my Samsung Mobile Corby2.Model-GT-S3850.IMEI NO35888 704 1508514 Please help me.My contact Number+8801714958436 & my

Anonymous said...

i lost my mobile in 22.02.2012 early morning 2.00 to 4.00am missed in Hosur
Brand Name: NOKIA model:5233
Software Version: NA
Device Type: Hand Held
Band Details: GSM 850,GSM 900,GSM 1800,GSM 1900
my email, imei no:353385040292490

Anonymous said...

ilost my mobile in Hosur still now ringing bt not attent my call. no:9597910157

navnath salunke said...

Hello I Have Lost my nokia Asha 305 Please Trace it
IMEI NO is 354552051222448 & 354552051222455

navnath salunke said...

Hell I Have lost my Blackberry srorm Please Trace
it IMEI no is Blackberry Mobile IMEI No. A000001C0B9DA7

subbu said...


I have lost my sony xperia TIPO duo.I given the police complaint.But no use.Can you please trace it.The mobile IMEI number 353811050166985
contact number:7411115346

Avadhut Salvi said...

lost micromax a100
imei 1 - 911233800380052
iemi 2 - 911233800380060
my email id
plz trace it and msg mi

Syed Zulfiqar Ahmed said...

lost nokia 5130
IMEI 352678045518153
my email ID
please track my mobile

Anoopkumar Nk said...

IMEI - 359462/04/935152/0
Lost Date - 16/02/2013
E-mail ID -
Contact no - 9809353570,9746300743
Please Trace My Mobile & Message me.

jamini mahanta said...

I lost my Sony Ericsson Xperia mini
Lost Date: 27/02/2013
Email ID:
Cont. No:09040862726
If my phone is Traced then mail my ID.....

Vikash kumar said...

I stolen my mobile in my home.
nokia 3120 classic
imei no. 353101028450111
stolen date- 25-02-2013
Email ID-
last use no. 96930511599
sir, i request you to please block my imei no. because i dont't know who has stolen my moble. sir, plz.... plz... block my imei no.

Vishnu ameta said...

Sir i have lost my mobile sony xperia j sg 26i (black)
11.2.2013.please help mi
Imei .354386054280636

Matej Petrovic said...

I lost Samsung Galaxy S2
Imei no. 358848047486212
Last number was 381656471000
Can you help me please.
Contact Email

abhishek said...

IMEI NO.-354666056081508
LAST NO.8544334754
mob no.-9934277348

Venu Bhat said...

I lost my phone on 6th March 2013 and the details given below,

IMEI NO: 356216044114884

Name: Venugopal
Address: A 54,Sector 55 noida, Up
Phone Model:LG P 990
Make :LG
Last Used No:9650070651

pls help

Vooredi Vikram said...

hi dis is vikram
iam loss my sony xperia u
plz help me

my mobile

IMEI NO :' 353561056111655



present contact no: 7396374054

my address :
mail id:

PLZ HELP ME.......

Satyendra Kumar said...

IMEI NO-357398046699416 WITH IDEA NO-9702791584
MY CON NO-8600770349

Sanjiv Raaz said...

my new nokia 500 is stolin,,plz help me
my imel no is 357924042104471,,
my contect no-08804585659,084347996118

Ratindra Kumar said...

Dear Sir ,
i have lost my mobile phone (Ph. no-7277335327) today when we were visiting kurji hospital patna, which is being used by my wife Mrs. Swati verma. all important statement (bank,loane...etc) were active on my phone. we are triying to reach but it is switched off and not reachable. .
Kindly help us to locate my phone or block it as per details given below.

Your name :- Ratindra Kumar
address :-Shail niwas near girls high school gate no. 90 makhdumpur digha patna -11
Phone model :- C2-01
Make :- Nokia
Last used No. :- 9709111127
E-mail for communication
Missed date :-13/03/2013
IMEI No. :-355940043080165

Ramki Tammana said...

Dear sir,

I had lost my mobile sony xperia neo lMT25i its unique IMEI:352890055415259 and its phone no:8686351308 ,please track this and send its information.

My Details:

Address:Spy AGRO Industries
New Industrial Estate,
kurnool district,A.P.-518502

Phone Model:Sony Xperia NeoL MT25I

Last used No:9866043126

Lost Date:15-03-2013


Contact Nos:9550565233,9160175108

kinra sony said...

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Sushant said...

Sir My Mobile has been stolen today sir please give me location
of my mobile .
Mdel No. - LG Optimus P350
IMEI No. - 356525046685836
My Mobile No. - 7275017586

sir plz giive the information about other number which is used in this mobile
sir plz contact me at ,

Kaif said...

Respected Sir,

My mobile have theft. detail are as under:

IMEI : 351513042945698
LAST USING MOBILE NO.: +918896745068
I request to you sir please trace my mobile and tell us current using no.
My e-mail :
Mobile No. 8896745068

Saurabh Mishra said...

Hi Sir,

I lost my mobile, actually it was snatched today on the way while i was going home.
Pls help me out. Plz

Name: Saurabh Mishra


Phone Model: Samsung I9000 Galaxy S.
Make: Samsung
IMEI No.- 357242042563327
Purchase Date: 22-04-2011.
Last No. Used: 07503881887
Contact me on: email-
Mo, no.- 8376908632.
Missing Date: 20-03-13, 08:40 PM.

Reamonn D'Arcy said...

You people should stop being so liberal in giving out your IMEI numbers and contact details to whoever runs this 'service' offered on this site. Of all the details people have posted, not ONE person has received any help as of yet.

Whats stopping these people from locating your phone and claiming it as their own? After all, they have your IMEI, your email, your contact number, your name, your addresses in some cases...

Dont be foolish.

Shara Kim said...

I lost my Samsung Galaxy 2 Black
at movie theater Fairfax town center Theater 9
IMEI NO = 357288040756025
please call 703-303-8539

Vetri mathew said...

sir i have lost my samsung galaxy S3 mini in Banglore sir but i am in Tamilnadu please find my mobile sir.
Name: M.Vetrivel
Address : No 3/1A Arumugam layout
Phone Model :Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini
Make: samsung
Last Used Number: 8939146597
Missed Date 08.03.2013
IMEI NUMBER : 352985050628979


Sir i have lost my Nokia 5233 in Mumbai Powai 87 please find mobile sir
Adress:Gautam Nagar Morarji Post : Nitte
Mumbai 87
Phone MOdel:Nokia 5233
Make :Nokia
Last Used Number:9768270120
Missed Date :01/04/2013
IMEI NUMBER:351667052324796


I have lost my Samsung note 2
IMEI: 355056055918646
MAC Address (WiFi): 20:02:AF:C5:F8:44
Brand & Model: samsung GT-N7100

Name: Govind Madhav Jha

Manpreet Singh said...

Hi, I lost my iphone 4S on 30March'2013. Appreciate if you could help me in this. My details are mentioned below:
Name - Manpreet Singh
Last used no. - 8800142042
Email id -
IMEI no. - 012417007614409
If found, you can contact me on the above mentioned no. only.
Many thanks in advance.

hanumana ram said...

Hello sir,
I Lost my Nokia mobile model no.N500 on 26 march 2013,Appreciate if you could help me in this.My detail are mentioned below:
Last used no. 9831721374,8017505333
IMEI NO.-352417056799398
Lost time mobile no. 9163394423
If found, you can contact me on the above mentioned no. only.

Deeoak Gupta said...

Hey folks.... stop writing your contact details openly on internet, you may be inviting big risks.... has anybody yet got back their stolen mobile phones, please share their experiences here so that it can be helpful to others also... I cannot see a single post up here saying I got my mobile back with my imei no putting it on internet.. open your eyes before its too late....huh...

Krishna Mishra said...

hi my name is krishna mishra. yesterday that is 8 th april 2013, i have lost my Samsung mobile phone in ahmedabad. My Model no. is S360, my IMEI no is 359462048233182.
plz help me out. You can contact me and

Suman Biswas said...

Hi frnd, I am suman biswas, i lost my nokia mobile
IMEI no 359050045850460

pruthvi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pruthvi said...

hai frd, I am already sent the information to your mail but no replay from you please find it as soon as possible thank you.

Shrinivas said...

First Phone

Your name : T Shrinivas Rao
Address : 1120 Near Satbhenyai Mandir Deorikhurd, Bilaspur
Chhattisgarh 495004
Phone model : Samsung GT E3222 LKMINS (dual SIM)
Make : Sep 2011
Last used no : 09907712974 and 9407935707
Email for communication :
Missded date : Mar 27 2013
IMEI no : 357262043183156

Second Phone

Your name : T Shrinivas Rao
Address : 1120 Near Satbhenyai Mandir Deorikhurd, Bilaspur
Chhattisgarh 495004
Phone model : GFIVE GSM Q3 (dual SIM)
Make : Aug 2010
Last used no : 8871321145
Email for communication :
Missded date : Mar 27 2013
IMEI no : 351742044006551 / 6569

Pradeep Kumar.R said...

Pradeep kumar.R
I have lost my vodafone android mobile 2 months ago & the EMI no. is 356652045346580 please track the mobile & help me if any possibilities are there
Thank you

Sachin Swami said...

sachin swami
ad/ a/p jaibhavani chowk sangola tal sangola dist solapur
i missing my mobile
phone model samsung s 6102
imei number :- 354961051465495
email for comunication
make jan 2012
last used no 9096251660
missed date 7/04/2013

Vineet Mishra said...

plzzzzz help me immediate because i have lost my cellphone micromax canvas2 emi no-911239259910232 name vineet mishra place lucknow aliganj mobole no-8090850162,9807931469 kindly inform my personal no pzzz pzzzz 7408411568

bijoy said...

Thanks for the information. Name: BIJAY SARKAR
Mobile Model No.: SCH-W259 DNAINU GSM-CDMA
Mobile Brand/Make: SAMSUNG
Last Used No.: 7890644800
E-mail ID:
Missed Date: 20.04.2013
IMEI No.: 358619033770335
Asn No.: A0000029987A9D
Bar Code No.: 8 808993 657926
Colour: Dark Brown
Attach with 2no. of sim card. 1. MTS- 9143228995, 2.IDEA

Faiz Mohammad said...

i lost my mobile .I MEI number is 352801051267412 and model is Q mobile A2 .
missed date .21.4.2013
attached with. zong sim
last used in 3pm

koti Tirumalasetty said...


i lost my mobile.Could u please trace and let me know..
Details are...
Name:koteswara rao T
IMEI Code-355404040378981
Model-XCD35 Dell

shaik abdul rahman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
shoaib zaidi said...

ser my emi no. oooooooo hai koi bhi no. nhi hhh mujhe apni emi no. chahiye kese milega plz help me

Mess wid the bet n die lik the rest..!! said...


I lost my SONY Xperia Ion last week Can you please trace and let me know.. If yes please reply.

Deepak said...

i lost my mobile plz help....
mobile model: a510e
mobile brand: Htc wildfire S
mobile model ID: Pg76100
sim no: 8955106563
missed Date: 15/05/2013
IMEI: 359144048683661
bar code no: 4710937 352146
color of handset: Dark gray
month & year of manufacture: august, 2012
plz help me name is Deepak.
address: 1232/30 gujar dharti near chandra tent house nagra ajmer. rajasthan 305001.

Prashant Salve said...

I lost my mobile plz help............

Name: Sandip Arvind Badkas

Address: At.Post. Chandwad. Dist. Nashik

mobile model: X202

mobile brand: Nokia

IMEI : 352430/05/500236/7
IMEI : 352430/05/500237/5

Mised date : 18/05/2013

Email address:

islam farrag said...

i lost my phone plzzz help ...
name is islam farrag
address : Egypt mansurah
phone : Samsung galaxy note 2
model :GT- n7100

imei : 355696058337052

massing date : 18/04/2013

email :

Dinesh M said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dinesh M said...

I lost my mobile .Pls help as to trace
LAST USED NO: 9962222595
MISSED DATE: 12.5.2013
IMEI: 35959004-019467-9

Hemant Soni said...

i lost my mobile, please help me to get back the same,
Name: Hemant Soni

Phone make and Model: Nokia C2-03

LastnNo. Used: 8140143222

E-mail for commmunication:

IMEI no. 358640046203809

Missing Date: 18/05/2013

please do the needful if you can help me out.

thanks and regards
Hemant Soni

Dileep Agnihotri said...

I lost my mobile, please help me to get back the same
Name-Dileep Agnihotri
Phone make and model:Samsung Galaxy Duos S7562
Last No Used08858581689
E-mail for communication:
IMEI no:354905056494596
Missing Date: 14/05/2013
Please do the needful if you can help me out
Cont no; 8968858947,9478200399

Thaks and Regards
Dileep Agnihotri

Ramsahaysingh Yadav said...

I last my mobile,please help me
Name:Ramsahay singh
mobile model: htc desire c
last no use in 9711686323
E-mail for communication:
IMEI NO:352277055801334
Missing date:27/05/2013.
please do the needfull if you can help me out
Cont no;09711686323,07503534934
Thanks & regards
Ramsahay singh

Kartik Bhardwaj said...

hi sir i am kartik bhardwaj i liv in italy. i lost my mobile in india can u help me plz reply ime num..353896050445133..thnx... my email id mobile model lg vu p895

Emma Olat said...

I recently lost my samsung galaxy s3 with IMEI # 353101050419554. please track it for me.

ansari javed said...

i lost My Samsung wave 2 mobile IMEI NO 355082047511661 pls help

abhishiktham said...

I lost my mobile Galaxy grand with IMEI no.356150054628824.Pl help in me finding it back...
My contact mail ID:

Ashish Kumar said...

hi sir i lost my mobail galaxy with IMEI no 359160041574350 plz help me and search my phone by imei no if it,s possible then i can give you commission plz help me.
my name is ashish
my phone is sumsung galaxy ace 5830i
my phone no is 8800616761
my imei no is 359160041574350
my email id is

Mohit Dabhi said...

I lost my mobile .Pls help as to trace
NAME: Mohit Dabhi
MAKE: Nokia
MISSED DATE: 1.6.2013
IMEI: 357414045387000

akhilesh kumar said...

i lost my mobile ( nokia 5233 ) plzz hel me to track location
NAME - harjinder
e mail -
missd date - 2-6-2013
imei no - 356264044431882
location - dwarka sec 12

saddam khan said...

i am saddam my lost mobile nokia phone c2-01 plzz help me track location imei 355942056444957 material no 002v587 my email id

Siva Naga Raju P said...

I Lost my Mobile. My name is Siva Naga Raju
Mobile IMEI No-354905053715332
Mobile Name: Samsung
Model :S7562 Galaxy S Duos
Missing date:03.06.13
Missing Location:Subhashnagar,Jeedimetla,Hyderabad-055
Mobile No-9573371801

jagmohan kamboj said...

i lost my mobile my name is manpreet singh mobile ime ..911220259077933....911220259077941 karban k9
colour red black
missing date 13/6/2013 location harike
my no 9653479551

Venkatesh Hallur said...

Hello sir i lost my name is venkatesh hallur i am studieng MBA in shri siddaganga institute of technology tumkur,karnatak my mobile IMEI no is "352306055776244" sumsung ace black colour......
missing date-12/6/2013
mobile no 9972110161
my email...
so pls help me

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